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The Historical Gardens

Villa Lante, Bosco Sacro, Palazzo Ruspoli

Villa Lante - Bagnaia

Created between the XVI and XVII centuries by Vignola, famous architect of that time. at the slopes of Cimino mountain, it was the summer residence of the Viterbo bishops. The park is made of several fountains in carved peperino stone surrounded by peperino benches, box bushes and flower beds drawing geometrical shapes.

Historical residence in the Viterbo area, Villa Lante is the best example of matching architecture with landscape.

sacred woods - Bomarzo

The Bomarzo wood, another wonderful village in the Viterbo area, contains unique works. Conceived by Prince Vicino Orsini and by architect Pirro Ligorio in 1552, the garden is made up by many big stones shaped in extravagant shapes reproducing monsters, dragons, and mythological subjects. In this marvellous and surrealistic landscape you can see a pending house, a small funeral temple, fountains and obelisks on which are carved mottos and inscriptions.

Palazzo Ruspoli - Vignanello

The historic garden of Vignanello is one of best preserved and appreciated Italian gardens in the world. Created in the year 853 around a Benedictin Friars fortess, underwent several modification by Marc'Antonio Marescotti's wife, Ottavia Orsini, daughter of creator of the charming Bomarzo garden.

Orsini Garden - vasanello

In the village of Vasanello there is a very peculiar vegetable-botanic garden, it is formed by four terraces, each of them inscribed in walls, a very unusual and strange way to create a garden. There are aromatic and medical plants reminding the medieval plants used for food, drugs and even for magical purposes, fruit plants, vines and wonderful roses.

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